Mental health en business mental health; working on the spectrum of leadership, development and mental health care. Background in organisations, business and mental health care. 

I see how emotions, behaviours, thoughts or patterns influence the functioning and growth of individuals, relationships and systems. Past experiences - both positive and negative - can have a strong impact on the present. Adaptability and resilience influence the inner space of individuals and the connection between individuals. Intercultural differences, biases, context and history are of influence. 


From 2010 onwards I have been working as a psychotherapist for individual and couples. By increasing insight and self awareness, looking at coping, processing pain and meaning and changing behaviour or patterns, I help you to reduce symptoms and stagnations and encourage healing. 

Experience as independent psychotherapist, as a group therapist and supervising therapist at i-Psy. 


Started as an industrial and organisational psychologist, added with a MBA in roles like consultant, trainer, facilitator, program manager and coach. 

(International) experience at KPMG Management Consulting, Gemini Consulting, Shell, various clients when working independently. 


My style is explorative, empathetic, light if possible and confronting if needed. 

Always curious about the story, considerations, biases, choices, thoughts and feelings. The rational and irrational, the head, heart and hands, 'hard' and 'soft'. To understand the narrative or shape a new narrative. 

Clients describe me as 'sharp, present and supportive'. 


MSc Industrial and Organisational Psychology (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), MBA (Imperial College Business School, Londen), coaching training (RINO, Amsterdam), post graduate training psychotherapy (BIG-register) (RINO, Amsterdam). 

Certified in psychometrics like MBTI and CPI (British Psychological Society level B), Insights Personal Discovery, IOPT. 

Schema therapist (senior), EMDR practitioner, psychotherapist for colleagues (NVP), EFT, clientcentered psychotherapist. 

'Nobody can go back and start a new beginning. 
But anyone can start today and make a new ending. 
Remember, if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change'.

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