Leadership is about personal leadership and leading others. In our complex world, also called VUCA, leadership is a critical quality to choose direction and to stick to it. Leadership is about knowing oneself, connecting with others, vision and execution. On individual level it determines your direction, contribution and impact on the collective. On a collective level leadership is a critical factor for success and critical factor of the business mental health. From an organisational perspective leadership on an individual level is a sign of business mental health. 

Leadership development is a process of the inner world and the interaction with the outer world. As an individual we are always part of a context. We exist as a self and in relation to others. Leadership development is therefore an individual and a relational process. Leadership does not develop in isolation, but through reflection, exchange and experimenting. That creates space for new views, angles, opinions, choices, feelings and behaviour. That all contributes to stronger, healthier and more resilient and durable leadership. 


Target group

Individuals and teams. 

  • Individuals: professionals, managers and directors. From personal leadership to leading others
  • Teams to enhance cooperation, team spirit and focus. From team leadership to leading the organisation

Charging yourself


Each situation is unique and there are common themes. 

  • Individual: presence, knowing thyself, confidence, direction, boundaries, conflicts, visibility
  • In relation to others: cooperation, trust, connection, conflicts, influence and impact, stakeholder management 
  • Teams: cooperation, conflicts, common goals and ambition, trust 

Accelerating by slowing down

Results and value

Insights, awareness, tools, skills, approaches. Both on an individual level as in patters with others. Insight on what you can and cannot change and the difference between the two.  

On an individual and collective level that leads to more focus, calmness, tuning and fun. And that leads to enhanced capacity and the ability to lead and trust upon others. And that will lead to better results and more fulfilment. 

Feeling charged to take charge


Clear agreements are pivotal in achieving goals and the quality of cooperation. Agreeing on the contract therefore is an essential first step: what are the objectives and is the framework in which we work together? 

A process of cooperation has four phases: 

  • Understanding the why - background, history and context
  • Defining the what - focus of the cooperation: scope, goals, expectations, work agreements, contract
  • Helping with the how - execution and monitoring 
  • Close - review of content and process, also looking ahead to the future


Matter of People works from four principles

  • Curiosity - continuous learning and wanting to understand why, what, how
  • Respect - respect for other and self
  • Kwaliteit - striving to excellence 
  • Samenwerking - collaboration if possible

Professional secrecy

As coach I follow guidelines of the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen and the International Coach Federation.



I work together on a frequent basis with others. Two examples of partners with whom I cooperate on a regular basis are Circleradius and Ludic.

Professional associations

I am a member of NIP and ICF.